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Sure you can struggle with the official handbook or spend hundreds on a driving class, but they don’t give you a pass guarantee. We do. Breeze through your exam using this unique test-based method, or your Premium membership is free.

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Each of our practice tests contains

  • Questions taken directly from the MTO Driver’s handbook, which will help you pass your test
  • The first three practice tests you take with Trubicars will be free
  • After the first three, we offer a premium package with more detailed and different levelled tests.
  • A brief explanation of each correct answer so you understand why the answer is the correct one

Your knowledge test won’t be solving math or science problems.

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Road knowledge tests are just as critical and require studying. This demonstrates that you are serious about driving and are serious about the responsibility you will need to uphold as a driver on Ontario roads. The knowledge test for your G1 License
will test you on the rules of the road.

Once you pass your eye and knowledge tests… you will have obtained a G1 license.

In most scenarios, you will practice with your G1 license for 12 months before you take your G2 road-test and advance to the next level of the graduated licensing system.

How to Prepare

drivier's handbook

Read the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook

The Ministry of Transportation has an Ontario Driver’s Handbook that you can purchase to help you learn and study the rules of the road. You can find it online on the official MTO website, order a complete hardcopy from ServiceOntario

drivier's handbook

Complete all the practice tests

Questions in the sample quizzes are modeled on the actual test questions you will encounter in the office G1 exam. Learning the answers to these questions will give you the knowledge you need to complete your G1 exam successfully.

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Ace your G1 test at DriveTest

We know that no matter what kind of test it may be, taking a test can be stressful. It’s important to remember to remain calm and focused during any test you take and to ensure you are arriving prepared to your test. Complete all our practice tests and ACE your G1 test the first time.

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Prep with Ontario’s #1 BDE Course Provider

Preparation can help you learn what you need to know for operating a vehicle safely on the road. Once you have the knowledge that you need for the G1 license, you are ready to begin the process of becoming a skillful driver.

Topics for the practice tests include

  • the basics of driving in Ontario
  • road signs and the rules of the road
  • distracted driving, traffic lights, blood alcohol level and other issues that affect safe driving
  • basic concepts such as headlights, U-turns, demerit points, etc.
  • changing lanes, expressways, parking, hands-free devices
  • managing unusual circumstances such as driving in fog, navigating uncontrolled intersections, etc.
  • fines, traffic violations and demerit points
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What are Some TopicsI might be Tested on?

Seatbelts and seatbelt use

Traffic lights and signs

Emergency vehicles

Speed lmits

The demerit point system

Colling the road with road users

General rules of the road

FAQ’s about the Knowledge test: