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    Driving Schools – Oakville

    Driving Schools – Oakville

    Driving school Oakville

    We spend a good part of our lives inside a car so it is important to learn safe driving techniques. There are so many things to consider, like road conditions, traffic rules, driving protocol, emergencies, etc. Which is why it is so critical to find the right driving instructor and driver training in Oakville.

    There are several driving schools in Oakville, yet it is tough to select the right program. The convenience alone is not enough of a reason. Drivers need driving instructors that can customize the classes. For example, seniors may only need a refresher, while beginner drivers need to learn everything related to driving, including “not to talk on the phone” while at the wheel.

    Safety for ourselves, passengers, and other drivers should always be the priority. If you’re looking for an Oakville driving school then Trubicars can help.

    Consider us your universal driving school directory. One-stop shopping to find the best driving instructors and driver training. Our partners provide the ultimate drivers training classes in the area and they are MTA approved. Plus, you can find a driving instructor for more than just basic driving education (BDE). Our partners also offer truck driving, motorcycle driving, and taxi lessons – all in Oakville.

    Basic Driving Education (BDE)

    Beginner drivers need to start with learning everything there is to know about driving, so they can pass the drivers test and get their first drivers permit. They may need a package of lessons, depending on their knowledge when they start. Some parents give their teens the basics, and some do not have the skills or the time. This is why it is smart to find an Oakville driving school that can tailor the MTO approved courses. The G1 G2 lessons are available with a full G license as the final result.

    Truck Driving

    Whether you want to enter a career as a truck driver or just learn truck driving for personal local or long haul, our driving schools in Oakville offer a variety of Class 1 courses.

    • Class A – Upgrade Courses: Students will be trained on pre-trip inspection, air brake inspection, and proper driving habits.
    • Class A- License Training Course: Prepares drivers who want to go into construction, gravel and/or oil industry.
    • Class A – Driving Full-time Course: This is the entry program for students who want to go into the truck transport industry. Theoretical and practical training is provided to ensure each student is equipped with basic and advanced skills in the event they face unexpected challenges on the road.

    Taxi Driving Lessons

    When you select a taxi driving instructor from our list, the classes will result in becoming a Class G Oakville driver. Taxi drivers are the ultimate drivers, so there is much to learn in addition to regular driving habits.  So finding the taxi driving instructor in Oakville who has experience and can teach the essential ingredients of being an outstanding taxi driver is key.

    Motorcycle Lessons

    Class M Motorbike Lessons in Oakville may not be necessary for everyone. But whether you’re starting out or would like a refresher course our driving instructor partners can customize your lessons.

    • Basic motorcycle training: This is the minimum course to obtain a Class M license. This is intended for individuals who have some riding experience.
    • Gearing up motorcycle training: This is for the inexperienced and for those who would wish to enhance their driving skills. Included in this course is a classroom session to discuss road safety guidelines and road policies, as well as basic and advanced riding techniques not featured in the basic course.
    • Experienced rider program: This is intended to enhance motorcycle handling and control that every rider needs to know to stay safe on the road.

    We will get you the absolute best driving school available in Oakville. Our terms:  No charge to use our service.

    Book your lessons at the most convenient time for you! Call or text us at 647-760-5505 or visit our website at