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Car driving schools Oakville

Car driving schools Oakville

Become an Expert with Car Driving Schools in Oakville

We spend a good chunk of our life inside a car: when we drive to school, drive to work, drive home or long trip to visit family and friends. Our safety and our passengers should always be our top priority whenever we’re behind the wheel that’s why getting proper training is a must for everyone, new and old drivers alike. If you’re looking for car driving schools in Oakville that can teach you how to spot road hazards in time to take suitable evasive actions to keep yourself, your family and your passengers safe, then all you need is Trubicars.

We offer a variety of training that would definitely enhance your driving skills whether you’re driving for yourself or as an occupation.

Truck Training

Whether you want to enter a career as a truck driver or just learn truck driving for local or long haul, our car driving schools in Oakville offer a variety of Class 1 courses for 20 hours, 36 hours, 38 hours, 40 hours and 244-hour courses.

    • Class 1 Upgrade Courses

Students will be trained on pre-trip inspection, air brake inspection, and proper driving habits.

    • Class 1 license training course

Prepares drivers who want to go into construction, gravel and/or oil industry

    • Class 1 Driving full-time course

This is the entry program for students who want to go into the truck transport industry. Theoretical and practical training is provided to ensure each student is equipped with basic and advance skills needed if challenges on the road are encountered.

Car Training

Car training is necessary for individuals who intend to start driving and need to be taught all the necessary details needed to transform them into a competent and defensive driver. This is also appropriate for individuals who just need a single lesson to relearn correct driving habits and procedures.

Taxi Training

Let our partner training schools help you obtain a class 4 driving license. This will cater to your preference whether it is automatic or manual transmission, male or female instructors and many more.

Bike Training

Whether you’re just starting out or would like a refresher on the fundamentals our partner schools offer a wide range of options appropriate to your riding ability.

    • Basic motorcycle training

This is the minimum course to obtain a class 6 license. This is intended for individuals who have some riding experience.

    • Gearing up motorcycle training

This is for the inexperienced and for those who would wish to enhance their driving skills. Included in this course is a classroom session to discuss road safety guidelines and road policies, as well as basic and advanced riding techniques not featured in the basic course.

    • Experienced rider program

This is intended to enhance motorcycle handling and control that every rider needs to know to stay safe on the road.

If you want to make the roads a safer place for you, other commuters and your family then you know who to call. Here at Trubicars, we will get you the absolute best driving school available in your city. Book driving lessons or road tests at your most convenient time by calling or texting us at (866)-601-9727 or visiting our website at http://trubicars.ca.