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Driving lessons Burlington ON

Driving lessons Burlington ON

Learning to drive gives you freedom to come and go as you please but it also comes with responsibility. You need to learn how to drive safely and defensively on the roadways. The best way to learn to drive is by a taking driving lesson in Burlington, ON. Driving lessons are taught by professional instructors with experience and expertise teaching all levels of driving skills to people of all ages.

Driver’s License Requirements

Ontario has a graduated driver’s license program in place. In order to obtain your driver’s license you must complete the various levels of the program. A Class G license is the general driver’s license that allows you to drive passenger cars and light pickup trucks.

The first step is to obtain a learner’s permit. This is known as a Class G1 license. In order to get a Class G1 license you must be at least 16 years of age and pass a written exam and vision test. The written exam includes multiple choice questions that are designed to test your knowledge of road theory.s

Once you have a G1 permit you must drive successfully for at least one year before you can progress to the next level. You are only allowed to drive with a licensed adult driver seated in the passenger seat. It is helpful to take a driving lesson in Burlington, ON during this phase of the process.

After you have successfully driven for one year you can obtain a Class G2 probationary license. You may obtain a G2 license in 8 months if you have completed approved driving lessons in Burlington, ON. The G2 license allows you to drive on all roads and highways. You must maintain a zero BAC level and you can only have the number of passengers for which you have seat belts in the vehicle.

After you have your G2 license you are able to progress to a full license, Class G, after one year. You must pass a road test that generally includes highway driving. Once you have received your G2 license you are fully licensed and will maintain your license until the age of 80 without having to take any further tests, as long as you renew your license every five years as required.

Taking a Driving Lesson in Burlington, ON

Taking a driving lesson in Burlington, ON will certainly help you pass both the written and practical tests. You can get the most from lessons with a professional driving instructor because you will learn how to drive while incorporating the laws and regulations in place for safe driving.

The purpose of the graduated program is to ensure a high degree of safety on our roads. You will be required to have plenty of practice driving in a variety of conditions while you are going through the graduated levels of license progression. Our website offers the ideal way to locate high quality driving schools in our area. You can compare the schools and decide which one is the best fit for your needs and budget.