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    Driving Lessons Female Instructor in Winnipeg

    Driving Lessons Female Instructor in Winnipeg

    Driving Lessons with a Female Instructor in Winnipeg

    In 1964 the great actor Rex Harrison co-starred with Audrey Hepburn in the film version of the Broadway musical “My Fair Lady”. Harrison’s role as Professor Henry Higgins makes a bet that he can transform Hepburn’s character, Eliza Doolittle, into a cultured high society lady. One of the songs of this award-winning movie is titled “Why Can’t a Woman be More Like a Man?”. The song sounds a bit like a rap song where Higgins extols the virtues of manhood to explain why he remains a confirmed bachelor.

    In the real word of driving in Winnipeg and other Canadian cities, the question should be asked: Why can’t a man be more like a woman? And, any Google search will yield study after study showing that women are better and safer drivers than men. Another song in My Fair Lady refers to women as “the gentle sex” and their ability to handle traffic situations in a “gentler” manner compared to the ego-driven male might be the reason why females are safer drivers.

    Regardless of the driver’s gender, age, race or any other demographic, the operator of a motor vehicle who is not educated in safe driving techniques is a dangerous driver. Trubicars Ltd. located in Winnipeg is your path to a driving school or instructor who will provide that education and experience to make you a safe driver and to help you pass the Class 5 road test with confidence.

    Drive for a Living

    In any economy, the need for skilled drivers is always present and this has resulted in the proliferation of driving services like Uber or Lyft and the traditional Taxi Cab. These driving services can provide a 2nd income for a cash-strapped family or away for a senior citizen to supplement his or her retirement income. Trubicars can connect the prospective Taxi driver to a school that will help you obtain that Class 4 license with driving lessons with a female instructor in Winnipeg.

    One of the most economical modes of motor transportation is the motorcycle and Trubicars offers three options for bike training:

    • Basic Motorcycle Training – You have ridden a bike before but perhaps you have just purchased a slightly larger bike and need a little help to gain confidence in riding it. The training is your path to get the Class 6 license.
    • Gearing Up Motorcycle Training – This course is designed for those with no experience or those wanting to improve their two-wheel driving. There are classroom demonstrations plus additional driving techniques not included on the Basic Motorcycle Training course are taught to the student.
    • Experienced Rider Program – Maybe you have not ridden in a while or just want to make sure that you have not fallen into bad driving habits.

    Trubicars allows you to search their bank of school and drivers that will enable you to create a lesson package that will fit your budget and get you licensed for the road.

    While it is true that woman tends to be better listeners and have more empathy than men, all the instructors and schools are well qualified to teach you the rules of the road in a comfortable reassuring manner. Call or text Trubicars at 866-601-9727 to get hooked up with the best driving lessons with a female instructor in Winnipeg.