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    Learn to Drive Manual Transmission Winnipeg

    Learn to Drive Manual Transmission Winnipeg

    If you learn to drive a manual transmission in Winnipeg, you’ll be able to drive any car anywhere. That’s a great reason, but not the only reason you should take the time to learn how to drive a car with a clutch and shifting system.

    1. Manual transmission cars offer better fuel economy

    Although automatic transmission cars are more fuel efficient than they were a decade ago, they still can’t make up for actual human driving savvy. It takes a human driver to save fuel by anticipating grade changes, curves and differing terrain ahead.

    2. Manual transmissions are simpler

    An automatic transmission is a very complex thing with about a zillion moving parts. If your automatic transmission fails for any reason, it may cost thousands of dollars to repair. Manual transmissions are far less apt to fail.

    3. Fewer friends will ask to borrow your car

    If you have an amazing roadster sports car with an automatic tranny, all your friends will want to have a chance behind the wheel. Not so, if your car has a manual transmission.

    4. Manual transmissions may be safer in the long run

    If you learn to drive a manual transmission in Winnipeg, you’ll need both hands to drive at all times. This is actually a wonderful thing, because you won’t be tempted to answer your phone or send text messages to your friends while driving.

    5. A manual transmission makes a good theft deterrent

    Most people these days never learn to drive a manual transmission in Winnipeg or anywhere. Car thieves are no different. If a carjacker sees your gear shift, they may move onto the next unwitting motorist and leave you and your car unmolested.

    6. Manual transmissions offer better control in inclement weather

    No matter how good a driver you are, snowy conditions can truly test your skills. If you are in a manual shift vehicle, you’ll have better control in slippery roads and hazardous conditions.

    7. The good old roll-start solution

    If you should ever find your manual transmission car won’t start with the ignition key, you can roll it on an incline and “pop” it into second gear. As long as the key is in the on position, you can start a manual transmission this old-school way. Don’t ever try it with an automatic transmission car, however. Seriously. Don’t ever do it, because it’s ineffective, and you may wreck the transmission.

    Why drive a manual shift car?

    It takes some effort to learn how to drive a manual transmission in Winnipeg, but it’s not very hard. When you drive a stick-shift, you can feel a connection to your vehicle that you can’t feel with an automatic. If you love classic cars, you should know that the three-speed manual shift transmission was common in cars made through the 1960s. The classic Ford Mustang is a three-speed. Newer sports cars such as the Porsche 911 and Chevy Corvette offer as many as seven manual shift gears.

    TrubiCars isn’t a driving school, but we know all the best ones in Manitoba. If you want to learn to drive a manual transmission in Winnipeg, give us a call so we can get you on the road without delay.