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Truck Training

Class 1 truck training is a high demand occupation. The key factor in Class 1 training is to gain confidence in truck handling and understand the road rules to comply with the driving laws and regulations.

Whether you want to improve your driving skills, learn truck driving for local or long haul, our partnered truck training schools offer a variety of Class 1 courses including 20 hours, 36 hours, 38 hours, 40 hours and the full 244 hour course.

Class 1 upgrade course

  • This course is designed to help drivers with experience get their Class 1 license. To qualify for this course, drivers must already know how to shift, back and corner properly. The focus of the course will be on training for the pre-trip inspection, air brake inspection and addressing driving habits.

Class 1 license training course

  • This course is designed to help prepare drivers going into the construction, gravel and/or oil industry. This course is not designed for long distance or to have a career in the long-distance trucking industry.

Class 1 Driver Training Full Time course

This Class 1 Full Time Driver Training course is 244 hours and is entry program for students wanting to enter into a career in the truck transport industry. Students will be trained in all the necessary skills and will have the opportunity to challenge the Class One Provincial Road Test. An optimum mix of theory and practical training is used to ensure desired results and ultimate success. Upon successfully completing their practical tests, students will possess the skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment as professional class one drivers within the truck transport industry.

The curriculum covers over 33 critical components in the trucking industry such as: US/Canada border crossing, Motor Carrier Enforcement, hours of service, coupling/uncoupling, trip planning, shifting, night driving, skid control, mountain driving, etc. This 244-hour course is composed of 80 hours of classroom training, 40 hours of lab time, 60 hours of driving, 60 hours of observing.