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Car driving schools Burlington ON

Car driving schools Burlington ON

Car Driving Schools in Burlington ON

Most of us grew up around automobiles and were familiar with driving a car at a very early age. Some of us had toy cars as toddlers and who can forget driving in a field with a little go-cart with bales of hay as crash barriers or riding in the bumper cars at an amusement park. Driving is part of life and for most of us getting our first drivers license was a rite-of-passage into adulthood. Driving is freedom.

Driving schools began in the United Kingdom around 1910 but the first driving school in North America was started by a professor at Penn State University named Amos Neyhart in 1934 with a class for high school age drivers.

Today there are over 20 car driving schools in Burlington ON area competing to make safe drivers out of teenagers and older folks who need to improve their driving. Trubicars Ltd. based in Winnipeg, Manitoba helps people choose the driving school that best fits their needs.

Training Risky Teens

Parents of teens should be especially concerned as drivers under the age of 20 are at the highest risk of being in an accident that can injure or prove fatal. The goal of any reputable driving school is to educate young drivers on road rules and to make them aware of the dangers of driving. Here are some tips that parents should ask before agreeing to let their teenager get into a training car:

  • The obvious questions are about the qualifications and character of the instructor. Is he or she licensed and possibly bonded? Are there references to verify that the instructor is free of any criminal background?
  • Next will be questions about the training car. Is it clean both outside and inside? Are the tires in good condition? Does the instructor take care to sanitize the steering wheel between students?
  • Can a parent accompany the student during the lesson? Most driving schools will advise against this because the parent will be a distraction or worse yet become a back-seat driver. But it is not unreasonable to have the parent ride along on the first lesson if they do not interfere with the instructor.
  • “What will you teach my child” is a good question. The goal of a driving instructor is twofold: First to create a safe driver and second, to prepare the student for the road test required to earn the drivers license. The instructor should teach defensive driving techniques, how to maneuver the vehicle on the highway and other things that may not be covered on the exam.

This Is Only A Test

The instructor should also provide insight on how to pass the exam and this might not apply to real-life driving. Teaching a new driver to come to a complete full stop at a stop sign with no traffic is the best example. No one actually does this except when taking the road test where the examiner is looking for that full stop.

Car driving schools in Burlington ON area can contact Trubicars with any question or concern about car driving schools, motorcycle driving and even truck drivers training for those thinking of going pro as a truck driver.

Just call or text to 866-601-4541 to book a set of lessons from a highly rated driving school and let Trubicars make that connection for you.