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    Car driving schools London

    Car driving schools London

    Imagine the chaos on the streets of any Canadian or USA city when the automobile was still a novelty and began to compete with horse-drawn vehicles as the predominant mode of transportation. There were no traffic lights, no stop signs and the rules of the road that we take for granted today were not yet established.

    William Phelps Eno (June 3, 1858 – December 3, 1945) entered this picture around 1905 and came up with ways to bring order to the traffic mayhem. Eno is credited with inventing the stop sign, the traffic circle or roundabout, the crosswalk for pedestrians and the concept of a one-way street. For his efforts, he is known as the “Father of Traffic Safety” even though he never learned to drive himself.

    Over the years, traffic control has evolved and improved as to where most cities have sophisticated systems to operate traffic lights and quickly respond to accidents and traffic jams. New drivers are tasked with learning the rules and demonstrating their ability to drive and obey those rules before they are issued a driver’s license.

    Car driving schools in London like Trubicars are responsible for teaching new and experienced drivers through professionally trained and licensed instructors.

    Defensive Driving

    The “philosophy” of defensive driving is taught by any reputable driving school including Trubicars and includes the following aspects:

      • Safety first

    Young drivers, especially male drivers, may tend to express aggressiveness that can lead to accidents. New drivers may even “forget”they are behind the wheel and get distracted from the reality that they are in control of a 2-ton hunk of metal and plastic. Avoiding tailgating and always wearing a seat belt are two tenets of safe driving.

      • Awareness of surroundings

    Use the rear view and side mirrors to monitor traffic behind you but more importantly be aware of the scene in front of you. Watch for animals, pedestrians, and cyclists and get out of the way in a safe manner if a dangerous driver is approaching you.

      • Do not assume anything

    A stop sign is nothing more than a red metal octagon with the word STOP on it. It does nothing to guarantee that a driver will actually stop at it. Be prepared and quickly visualize your response if a driver crosses into your right of way.

      • Keep a distance

    Of 3 to 4 seconds clear in front of you and even more at night and in bad weather. At a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, your car will travel about 20 meters per second before your foot touches the brake.

      • Watch your speed

    This is an obvious guideline for safe driving.

      • Always have an escape plan

    This may seem a bit paranoid but constantly thinking about what your driving maneuver will be if something goes awry is one of the basics of defensive driving.

    Trubicars Serves London!

    Trubicars is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba but serves all of Canada, including London, Ontario to link up people who need a qualified driving instructor or a highly rated driving school. They also partner with car driving schools in London to put more people in the driver’s seat of their training vehicles.

    Text or call 866-601-9727 to learn more about Trubicars car training and other services offered for motorcyclists and truck drivers.